Can We Do Anything About America’s Decline? – Victor Davis Hanson

I tell conservative people to get on condo and HOA boards, school boards, city, town or county councils, or run for an office like mayor, U.S. representative or such.

How Does A Carburetor Work? – Transparent Carb at Extreme SloMo

24½ minutes

The Ten Commandments – PragerU

57½ minutes

The Ten Commandments, and the U.S. Constitution and its amendments – July 25, 2007 printing (PDF) – are a good guide to an advanced civilization.

The Huge Problem Caused by Feminism – Ben Shapiro

4¾ minutes

From the Q&A portion of a speech sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation. Hosted at the University of Southern California in 2018.

From the Barricades of the Culture Wars — Peterson & Weiss

Jordan Peterson in conversation with Bari Weiss. St. Regis Hotel Ballroom, Aspen, Colorado. (1 hour 32 minutes)

From the Aspen Ideas Festival, recorded Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Jordan Peterson, author of the best-selling 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, may be one of the most famous intellectuals in North America today. He also may be among the most misunderstood. His fans say that he’s saved their lives, and detractors say that he’s the gateway drug to the alt-right. Who is this psychologist-philosopher whom so many of us had never heard of two years ago, and what does he really believe?

They Hacked McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines—and Started a Cold War | Wired

Secret codes. Legal threats. Betrayal. How one couple built a device to fix McDonald’s notoriously broken soft-serve machines—and how the fast-food giant froze them out.

Article by Andy Greenberg. Published April 20, 2021 on

Endless Mask Wearing and Its Irrationality

[March 24, 2021: A caller to the Dennis Prager Show—Robert—stated that he will wear a mask for the rest of his life unless he is with people that he knows have been vaccinated.]

Dennis [to audience]: That decision is not scientifically sound, but he is not alone. We have changed America. The hysteria has had its effect on—I have no idea how many people—but there’s no doubt that Robert in Tampa is not alone.

I can’t overstate how injurious I believe widespread masking is. I have the exact same antipathy towards these masks as I do to Muslim veils. It is dehumanizing; it is bad for society; bad for children not to see adult faces or kids faces. It’s bad for everybody, however there is nothing that one can offer against a psychologically based fear. I have learned that.

Conclusions arrived at irrationally cannot be undone with reason.  — Dennis Prager

Essential Lessons: Human Behavior – Dennis Prager

30½ minutes

What’s the key to understanding what is happening in America today? First, we must understand human nature. Only once you appreciate how deeply flawed humans have the potential to be, will you marvel at the immense moral achievement that is America.

• The Key To Understanding America
• Desire For Power, Fame, & Sex
• Lack Of Courage & Wisdom
• Yearning To Be Taken Care Of & Utopia
• Ingratitude & Psychological Issues
• Massive Divide In America: Free Speech
• Gaining Wisdom & Acting Happy
• Understand Human Nature

The Death of Europe – Douglas Murray – The Hoover Institution

47 minutes – June 3, 2019

In this episode of Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson is joined by author and columnist Douglas Murray to discuss his new book The Madness of Crowds: Race, Gender and Identity. Murray examines the most divisive issues today, including sexuality, gender, and technology, and how new culture wars are playing out everywhere in the name of social justice, identity politics, and intersectionality. Is European culture and society in a death spiral caused by immigration and assimilation? Robinson and Murray also discuss the roles that Brexit and the rise of populism in European politics play in writing immigration laws across the European Union.

Follow up video: The “Madness of Crowds” – Douglas Murray – The Hoover Institution

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