Why srsssteve? Well, my first name is Steve and my first website is SunriseSunset.com, which I abbreviated to srss and combined with steve.

Kip and me in Nanana, Alaska, USA

I live in Vero Beach, Florida, USA – to keep busy and make money I work on my websites and apps with my dad. I develop iPhone and iPad apps, two of which I have for sale: Sun Calendar & FaceCards on EdwardsApps.com. I also have a few photos for sale on ShutterStock.

Kip is not my dog – he is one of the dogs who pulled me on a land dogsled in Nenana, Alaska➚ while I was on vacation. Here is a short video (3½ minutes) I shot and edited of Margerie Glacier Calving➚ in Alaska.

If you think the header image to my blog is about the poem, The Road Not Taken➚, that was not my intention even though that is the impression the photo gives. There is no choice of path to make in the setting of the picture, but perhaps one has just made the choice. No matter, go on ahead, see where it takes you, and do not bemoan the choice you made (see the videos below.)

I have found both Jordan Peterson and Dennis Prager to be quite inspirational and have made a page with links to videos by them. The Jordan Peterson Femsplainers video is an especially good one, but watch a few of the earlier ones first until you get to know him.

Contact & Social Media

How to contact me; see my business contact page if you wish to use a telephone number. Social media link: YouTube


Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, 1988, with a Bachelor of Arts in Math.

Forest Hill High School, West Palm Beach, Florida, graduated 1983.

Work History

IBM (Boca Raton, Florida), MCI (Colorado), American Express (Phoenix), and Microsoft (Bellevue, Wash). I also managed the Y2K computer systems update project at the Public Defender Office in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.

Charity I Support

I used to support other charities, but dropped them because of their ’woke’ policies.

Other Steve Edwards (these are not me nor are they related)

1) A California TV News Anchor.

2) A former American football guard. Steve Edwards (Wikipedia➚) was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2002.

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Steve Edwards

The Almost Universally Misinterpreted Poem, “The Road Not Taken”

The Road Less Traveled By