[March 24, 2021: A caller to the Dennis Prager Show—Robert—stated that he will wear a mask for the rest of his life unless he is with people that he knows have been vaccinated.]

Dennis [to audience]: That decision is not scientifically sound, but he is not alone. We have changed America. The hysteria has had its effect on—I have no idea how many people—but there’s no doubt that Robert in Tampa is not alone.

I can’t overstate how injurious I believe widespread masking is. I have the exact same antipathy towards these masks as I do to Muslim veils. It is dehumanizing; it is bad for society; bad for children not to see adult faces or kids faces. It’s bad for everybody, however there is nothing that one can offer against a psychologically based fear. I have learned that.

Conclusions arrived at irrationally cannot be undone with reason.  — Dennis Prager