Secrets To Measuring A Piece Of Paper – Cliff Stoll – Numberphile

When Cliff Stoll sets your homework, there’s always an extra lesson. 5½ minutes

Why You Should Turn On Two Factor Authentication (2FA) – Tom Scott

8 minutes

Email and Internet Banking Safety. Don’t click on links or attachments in email unless you are absolutely sure of the sender. In your browser, when you are on financial or sites with your credit card or personal info, make sure there is a ‘padlock’ 🔒 in the url and that the company name is spelled correctly. – Steve

Gender “Equality” & Why Women Don’t Occupy Top Positions – Jordan Peterson

13½ minutes

What Goes On In the Mind of a Killer – Jordan Peterson Video

19 minutes

Why Do We Move Our Hands When We Talk? – Tom Scott

4¼ minutes

Hong Kong’s Citizens Demand Freedom; Rise Above Human Nature; Forget History, Repeat History – PragerU

Dennis Prager Fireside Chat Ep. 103 – 32 min.
  • Rise Above Human Nature
  • Equality Of Result Through Tyranny
  • Why Don’t We Say Communist China?
  • Forget History, Repeat History
  • What A True Conservative Thinks
  • Nazism Is Not A Threat In The U.S.
  • The Three Values Most At Stake
  • Dennis On Corruption In Hollywood
  • Any Wise Words For Growing A Beard?
  • America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Day 2 Problem for Egalitarianism [Socialism] | Prof. James Otteson

10¼ minutes

Socialism will fail every time because every person has different work ethics and wants. Day one: distribute all resources equally. Day two: industrious people prosper again; lazy people fall behind.

The Dawning of the Moral Sense – Jordan Peterson

4½ minutes

You Can’t Fix Other People – Jordan Peterson – PragerU

6 minutes

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