Seven Days of Heroin

Seven Days of Heroin: This is What an Epidemic Looks Like ◇ ~9,100 words ◇ The Enquirer sent more than 60 reporters, photographers and videographers into their communities to chronicle an ordinary week in this extraordinary time.

Dan Horn and Terry DeMio  ※  ※  September 10, 2017

Kidnapped and tortured: One player’s unbelievable story

Kidnapped and tortured: One player’s unbelievable story ◇ ~4,900 words ◇ A college football player thought he and a friend were going to meet up with two women. Instead, they were abducted and tortured for 40 hours – all because of a teammate.

Tisha Thompson and Andy Lockett  ※  ESPN  ※  ※  June 29, 2017

Silicon Valley Murder Mystery

Silicon Valley Murder Mystery: How Drugs and Paranoia Doomed Silk Road  ◇  ~3,900 words  ◇  Silk Road once reigned as the Internet’s premier destination for drug deals and even more illicit fare. But as the Web site became a billion-dollar enterprise, its creator, Ross Ulbricht, went from idealistic to dangerous. An adaptation from Nick Bilton’s new book shows how the empire collapsed.

…this may be what Pablo Escobar looks like in the Internet Age. Ulbricht is currently housed in the same maximum-security New York City jail as the world’s most famous drug lord, “El Chapo.”

Nick Bilton  ※  Vanity Fair  ※  ※  April 16, 2017

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